Hydrocork is the ultimate amazing step in flooring offering a low thickness floating solution with all the benefits of floors with Corktech. The Corktech technology enabled the creation of an innovative core board made of composite cork. It is water resistant and incredibly stable, while maintaining the resilient properties and unmatched comfort brought by cork.


Warm. Silent. Sustainable.

The Ultimate Comfort By Nature

Wicanders Reference Projects

More than just a beautiful floor.
Genuine cork is born from the warmth of nature.

Over the years, Wicanders ® has developed floor and wall coverings with exclusive properties due to its innovative Corktech technology. By using a unique engineered multilayer structure, which combines state of the art technology with the exclusive natural properties of cork, a higher standard in flooring was achieved, providing the perfect match between beauty, comfort and durability.

Discover the technology behind Wicanders ® Cork

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